COVID-19 : Protect the most vulnerable.

NERS / COVID-19 : Protect the most vulnerable.


NERS has always provided a lifeline to refugees and people seeking, but now our work is more critical than ever before.

The priority is ensuring our clients, volunteers and staff are safe. This means helping our clients know what they need to do to stay safe during the pandemic by having access to relevant information. We use our own Interpreting and Translation Service to translate the information in a language they understand.

In order to maintain much-needed support for our clients at critical time, we are moving our support onto telephone and video calls. Most of our work is ultimately aimed at preventing destitution. This means that we will continue to advise our clients on their entitlement and assist them to access services and support and advocate for their rights. For people who have been newly granted refugee status but only have 28 days to find a place and money or be made homeless, we will have advisors ready to guide and help them.

Through our partnership with the Red Cross and West End Refugee Service we are ensuring our most vulnerable clients are still getting the critical necessities by handing out food and money parcels.

In collaboration with our partners we are calling on the Home Office to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of refugees and people in the asylum system in these uncertain times.