Association of North East Councils

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The Association of North East Councils brings together the twelve local authorities in the North East of England. Working together we advocate for the North East's councils and are a strong voice for the local government sector. We seek to influence the outcome of national policy decisions in the interests of people in this area of the country.We are a membership organisation working collaboratively to secure a prosperous future for all and to tackle the challenges we face in our economy including impacts on individuals and families. We are committed to bringing leadership and vision in driving economic recovery, creating the right conditions for businesses to invest and grow, and supporting people and communities.Improving lives and making a positive difference to citizens and communities is at the heart of our work. We highlight opportunities for improvement and promote the many strengths and assets of the North East of England as a place to live, visit, invest and do business in.

The Association of North East Councils work with the North of England Refugee Service in providing data for reports on Asylum and Migration, these can be found at: