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These are the Campaigns that the North of England Refugee Service is involved in or Supports



  • Womens Asylum Charter - NERS is a supporter of the Womens Asylum Charter
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  • Asylum Pledge - Show your support for refugee protection. We’ve asked 10,000 people to join with us in speaking up for a great British tradition – refugee protection – by signing the pledge.


  • Dignity in Pregnancy - Campaign led by the Refugee Council on preventing pregnant women being moved around the country distrupting there pre-natal care.


  • Challenging Public Misconceptions - Using Mythbsuter Cards, true data and talking to the general public about the issues surrounding Asylum and Refugees
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  • Still Human Still Here - Still Human Still Here is a coalition of over 50 organisations that are campaigning to end the destitution of thousands of refused asylum seekers in the UK
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  • The North of England Refugee Service is a Charity that provides advice and Support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, in order to do this we need people to Volunteer time and Money. So please SUPPORT US.