Fund Raise for the North of England Refugee Service

Upcoming Fundraising events: Sleepout against Destitution Summer 2016

 Why you should fundraise for NERS

Fundraising for NERS is a great way to provide help for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the North East:


50 Percent of the Money Raised will go towards the Hardship Fund this will be used for things such as 

Providing one homeless person with weekly food, toiletries and a few pounds;

Providing essential food and toiletries for a family for a few days until their support is reinstated;

Helping towards the cost of school uniforms or school trips to avoid our children being socially excluded;

A £50 one off payment will cover the travel cost to Liverpool or Croydon to submit further evidence that could mean support being reinstated and the chance of leave to remain;


Providing baby starter kits for 4 new asylum-seeking Mums;


The rest of the money will go on other NERS activities such as:

Helping ensure the running of the Volunteering projects providing volunteering oportunities for all and giving back to the community.

Core services enabling us to give support and aid to a wider range of clients through the One Stop Service and the integration projects.


To see the North of England Refugee Service fundraising Pack please CLICK HERE