Hardship Fund

Donations to the North of England Refugee Service will be used in several ways, some will go towards the Hardship Fund unless it is raised for a specific project, this will be used for things such as 

Providing one homeless person with weekly food, toiletries and a few pounds;

Providing essential food and toiletries for a family for a few days until their support is reinstated;

Helping towards the cost of school uniforms or school trips to avoid our children being socially excluded;

A £50 one off payment will cover the travel cost to Liverpool or Croydon to submit further evidence that could mean support being reinstated and the chance of leave to remain;


Providing baby starter kits for 4 new asylum-seeking Mums;


Money will go on other  vital NERS activities such as:

Helping ensure the running of the Volunteering projects providing volunteering opportunities for all and giving back to the community.

Core services enabling us to give support and aid to a wider range of clients through support services such as the One Stop Service and the integration projects, this includes providing premisis for where the support can take place which is vital, these premisis are also used by other organisations such as the Mary Thompson Fund.